Smoking weed is a rather popular pastime for kids my age. But no matter how many times my friends say marijuana will “enlighten” me, I just. never. get it. If I wanted to smell like incense and BO, I would have joined the ultimate Frisbee team. Or moved to San Francisco.

Now, I’m not one to judge anyone on his behavior, but I’d like to understand why people choose this while I choose the drugging effects of bad TV. Maybe they’d like to think they’re “inspired” while I accept that I’m killing brain cells. And I don’t need an herb to feel lazy and hungry: my mere existence confirms that. Frankly, I’d rather pay Time Warner than a dealer. I guess we all have our weaknesses. But be warned: the next time I catch you lighting up on Ludlow Street, I’ll call the cops myself.

If literary history has taught us anything, it’s that good writers drink, bad ones smoke. I can’t comment on my writing, but I do prefer the sauce.



9 responses to “Weed

  1. nice insite to your short sight

    Probably the lamest thing ever written “call the cops”… you really do not get it. Not everyone feels “enlightened”… thats for kids. Some of us would rather get a light high rather than a light buzz. So go ahead and support the idealistic war on drugs that is ruining this nation and costing billions and filling our prisons you sauce sipping hypocrite. Drug abuse comes in all forms and is a public health concern, not a public safety concern. Who are you to draw a distinction (only pharm, tobacco, and alcohol industries can do that)? I really hate the fact you would call the cops. Soooo lame. Are you one of those people who fake coughs when they walk by a person with a cigarette?

  2. Calling the cops is more an attempt at sarcasm than anything. Would I actually do that? Of course not. Will I trail behind my friends when they light up? Sure. I don’t care what people do—and I say nothing about my views on legality. I just got the attraction. I’m sorry if you find this insulting.

    Thanks for reading! Come again.

  3. nice blog, lol. i couldn;t agree more: kerouac and that lot were horrible writers. keep the good posts coming. bottoms up! haha

  4. Weed’s never done it for me either. Booze all the way!

  5. nice insite to your short sight

    3 light hits : 3 beers = a good time in my book

  6. shouldbutdont

    Whatever works for you, man. To each his own.

  7. Memories. le sigh.

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