I don’t have a problem with what they eat—just as I don’t with the eating habits of omnivores or regular, run-of-the-mill vegetarians (like me). But I hate vegans’ smug, condescending approach to people who want to have their animals, and eat them too.

Consider a recent encounter in the East Village. Almost daily, I go for a long walk to look around New York and remind myself why I find it beautiful. One Sunday on Avenue A, a woman interrupted a phone conversation with my mother to hand me a pamphlet on vegetarianism. I waved her away—“Preaching to the converted,” I said. “Then you’ll need this,” she exclaimed and passed off a booklet on going vegan.

I just got 1UPed, herbivore-style. By a woman with dreads.

Aren’t human beings supposed to eat meat? Isn’t that why we have these damn canines? And while I don’t deny that there are major atrocities in the meat and dairy industry, I am not the one to address them. Ignorance is not excuse, but I’ve picked other battles.

I happen to like your potlucks, vegan, but these damn cupcakes are as full of your self-satisfied bullshit as you. Did you give me the chair so you’d get the soapbox?  PETA already gave you a bad name; you don’t need to enforce it.

In this world of in-your-face Big Macs and sneaky beef stock, shouldn’t we of the leafy-green nature unite rather than proselytize? I wasn’t raised catholic: I don’t respond to guilt.



7 responses to “Vegans

  1. ‘vegan’ is just a nice sounding way to say ‘species elimination’… their “solution” to the dairy industry’s mistreatment of cattle is to make cattle redundant.. where the thing they should do (if they really care) is to make the dairy industry treat cattle better (i.e. encourage dairy industries that treat cattle well by buying their products)

    .. this may make me seem like i care more about animal rights than i do.. i don’t really (well, maybe just a little), i’m mainly really bored, avoiding doing work, and finishing off my second glass of vodka

    so next time you’re approached by a evangelical vegan, just ask what it is about cattle that they hate so much

  2. ShouldButDont

    The best—and only, in my opinion—argument for veganism is that the meat and dairy industry is cool in its mistreatment of animals. After that is taken care of, people should not feel guilt about eating whatever they want. I don’t feel guilty about drinking milk, because there are only so many things for which I can fight. That seams weak—this I know. Still, I think most vegans’ platform is NOT that the industry is cruel, but eating animals is cruel. While I couldn’t stomach the idea of biting through and digesting flesh right now, I don’t look down or try to change those who do.

    Thank you for your comments. I’m finishing off…some amount of wine, so perhaps I can’t articulate my views so well right now.

    — Andrea

  3. i too don’t eat meat, and don’t ever really feel it worth the effort to fight for the cause.. in part as i expect amongst most of my friends (and most people in general) not eating meat, while also not being a pain in the ass about it, just seems like a better approach… i also think there are good arguments for allowing some to eat meat (i don’t want to be one of them, but from an environmental point of view there is a lot of land where crops will not grow, but animals will graze.. and so as long as such animals are kept happy, then may they feed those who want (or in many of the most pressing cases, need) to be fed) ..

    anyway.. i think i agree with you mostly.. perhaps the vegan view is only that eating animals is cruel.. i doubt that is true, at least in the way you phrase it (i.e. if the dairy industry continued, but instead of selling the calves for veal, they simply use them as compost (therefore no eating of animals involved in dairy) the vegans will still be up in arms)… but that that is a small point (and i suspect what you meant).. but i also think that many vegans think there is this whole ‘animals should not be seen as an ends (a food source)’.. at least this is what i have seen in vegan literature (i lived with a vegan.. she was nice, but had a lot of these books)… and at that point i think veganism is stupid (and the medium through which it is preached annoying)

    okay, that was ridiculously too long.. my bottle is now empty (wyborowa, probably my favorite polish vodka, and perhaps my favorite vodka (i know here are much more fancy and much more expensive vodkas, but i do still think this is is superior to most) .. i have found that four cubes of ice and counting to four while pouring is about the right ratio.. i was tempted to call it a ‘4×4’.. but that would be stupid)

  4. ShouldButDont

    4×4? I like it.

    Whatever, there’s no meat or dairy in alcohol. I’m practically vegan.

  5. Dear Andrea,

    This made me think of you:


  6. Oh man, I love Natalie Dee so had. I wanted to be her for a while (shout out…to me: but then I realized I have neither time nor talent. Alas! — Andrea

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