Award Shows

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Award season is wrapping up. I didn’t notice. I think I was supposed to be excited. I should want to celebrate the best of pop culture. Right?

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. The Grammys don’t acknowledge the music I find exciting. And don’t get me started on the Academy Awards. Who has the money to see films in theaters? Certainly not a second-rate blogger (or perhaps third-rate, after today). Congratulations, Milk and The Wrestler. I’ll catch you on TV sometime. Maybe.

Coldplay: you might be the most boring band that’s still on my radar. Chris Martin is a fox, though.

Now I’m conflicted.

The best thing about award season is the Fug Girls. I love mocking clothes I’ll never be able to afford.



2 responses to “Award Shows

  1. Just FYI: Kings of Leon, Raconteurs and Radiohead were all nominated for Grammy awards this year. I was pretty impressed with that.

  2. I guess I like The Raconteurs. Although I have negative memories associated with them. — Andrea

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