If Palin/McCain won this last November, half my friends would theoretically be living in Canada now (and the other half would likely be enjoying lower taxes).

But why Canada? How bad has this generation’s sense of ambition become when Canada is seen as the great utopia for escape? Or is that we are so incredibly lazy that we are unwilling to relocate anywhere we couldn’t drive? And here is the sad part: Canada aspires to be like America, but is just one step behind. Move to Canada and five years from now it will look like the states do today. Leaving the US to become a Canuck is tantamount to dumping your girlfriend to date her less attractive younger sister. It makes no sense.

Think about it. Canada is the US, but the people are slightly fatter and talk a wee bit slower, and perhaps are a trifle better mannered. Oh, and their football field is ten yards longer. Awesome. And don’t give me that shit about universal health care. If you can afford to relocate countries because the politics offend you, then I’m pretty sure that you also have decent health care to begin with. I never hear about poor people threatening to move across international borders because their political sensibilities got hurt.

And to any Canadians that are offended at this, consider: would you move to the US if you got fed up with your government? I think not. Personally, when I can no longer stand living stateside, I’m fleeing somewhere a little more exciting than our frozen neighbors to the north. Maybe Krakow. Now there is change I could believe in. (as opposed to the Loony – WTF Canada?)



4 responses to “Canada

  1. i’d go to st. lucia.

  2. I guess it is true what they say…you learn something new about your stalker everyday.

  3. As a resident of Cracovia, I would say it beats St. Lucia, well maybe just in terms of beautiful historic buildings and cheap booze (at every bar, 1 huge beer = $1.5-2 for the win!).

    Move here!

  4. ShouldButDont

    In a second! Find me a job and teach me Polish! PS: I miss you. — Andrea

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