The Middle Class


I should like the middle class, right? What have they ever done to offend? They work hard and pay their bills (unless it’s their mortgage). They’re content and pleasant. And yet I can’t really stomach the vast lot them – they bore me to no end. If I want good conversation, I head to a dive bar or the University Club, and not the bar at Chili’s.

The way I see it, life exists at the ends. Feast or famine, binge or purge: beauty through conflict. And then there is the middle class, whish is just sort of there, entirely blasé and uninspired. They have few real struggles, and as a result, limited aspirations. Entirely safe, they have nothing to drive them, content to vicariously live through others.

But creativity demands distention and contraction; requires extremes and the internecine quirks of those with too much or not enough. The tragedy is that there are many things that are so destructive (and by extension inspiring) that only the very rich or the very poor can afford to indulge them. The middle classes have just enough to lose to convince themselves to live completely dull lives. Is it any wonder that they are shrinking: they are dying from boredom.



8 responses to “The Middle Class

  1. given your tripartite distinction.. and given your previous posts it is obvious that you don’t find yourself in the ‘famine’ grouping.. where is it you see yourself?.. suckling on the the teat of wealth, or as one of those who bore you so?

  2. Huh. I have never been one for self labeling. Is the question how much money I have in my personal bank account? If that’s the case, then I clearly fall into the “famine” category, albeit by choice: writing obscure blogs and doing research for a non-profit in NYC are not economically adventitious decisions. Perhaps those who know me better can chime in on the question of just how boring I am, though I hesitate to ask their opinions…

  3. no, it is not a matter of how much money you have in your bank account.. is that how you meant to draw the distinctions?

  4. If you are dull, I do not like you. Does that make it clear?

  5. But what if we’re going to Chili’s “ironically”? — Andrea

  6. I tend to think doing anything “ironically” makes it okay, with the possible exceptions of child-porn and tequila. Jeff.

  7. Uh-oh. I’m going to have to cancel my kiddie-porn and tequila party this Saturday. — Andrea

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