Taking Photos


I should take photos of my life – snapshots of my adventures as I pass through them. It is certainly easy enough. There is a camera on my phone and one built into my computer. I even purchased a digital camera several years back. All of it is right there. But it is all worthless to me. I don’t care to be instantly reminiscent of my happenings. I would rather live in the moment, instead of behind the lenses. It all feels removed enough as it is.

The world is already over documented. I can go to Flickr and find a better shot than I could ever take of everyplace I have ever been. What about snapshots of friends and family? Well, with Facebook I don’t even need to try anymore. Everything is already there and tagged. And at that, I am both contented and frustrated, because I hate looking back at my past. Perhaps this is painfully selfish. Maybe I’ll regret it years from now. Oh well. What good does it do to see that at one point I smiled, and at another I laughed?

Or maybe I don’t photograph well.



One response to “Taking Photos

  1. Enjoy reading your blog.Btw, this is first time I visit to your blog 🙂

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