Should But Don’t Seeks Intern!

Pay: None, with no possibility for any, ever. But we may buy you a drink if you end up being cool. ONE.

Job description: We are writers. We have computers. We use them to write. Beyond that we are somewhat lost.

So, we are looking for an intern to help do such exciting tasks as improving SEO, Twitter account management, etc. The sites are currently receiving about 1,000 hits a week, with little to no effort from us.

Details: We routinely meet at bars in Park Slope/ East Village. Otherwise we just use Gchat. The hours would be what you make them. We will also write glowing letters of recommendation, regardless of actual job performance. Our ability to grant course credit is limited, though we would be more than willing to participate in such a program, granted it took no effort on our part.

If interested please send resume and cover letter to

All interviews will be conducted at bars. If you do not drink, this may be an issue. Please also include any other relevant materials with you application.


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  2. Something you can do without an intern —

    Install that addon from your WP admin page. It will keep you from sending little comments to yourself like the one above.

    Love your blog!

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